We recently had a loft space conversion done for us by Witch Rooms. We needed the extra space as we were about to have another child… Building is always messy, but the tea, did their best to limit the mess and tidied each day before leaving. The labourers were always friendly and courteous and friendly and I never felt uncomfortable having them in my personal space… Always going the extra mile to keep us happy. Their workmanship was neat and every effort was made by them to gently work around our old Victorian home. I would highly recommend this professional and knowledgeable team for any loft conversion.
We hereby express our admiration for your professional work done, we have for a long time had the vision of creating more space by utilising our roof. We are ecstatic that we decided to have your company carry out the work. We can only but say WOW!! To give credit to your employees – they are honest and respectful guys. Worked very tidy and always made sure the area where they worked was cleaned up. We are proud to show off our alteration and mention your professionalism.
I would like to give a warm thanks to Witch Rooms who have beautifully completed the addition to my house. They were on a tight deadline, as the work had to be completed before my wife gave birth. They managed to complete the work on time, except for some minor finishes, within time and satisfactory workmanship. This would not have been possible without the dedicated and professional project management and teams.
Protea Vallei