What is a Witch Room?

A Witch Room is accommodation built next to an existing building or on top of an existing dwelling, factory or office, using light weight composite materials which are eco-friendly and energy efficient. Insulation “cocoon-style” is used to stabilise the structures thermally (R Values).

Witch Rooms® have been involved in the designing and developing of methods to build Homes, Loft Rooms, Attic Rooms, Sun Rooms and Cottages in an energy efficient way – Being eco-friendly, green, sustainable and using methods which do not influence the carbon footprint negatively.
Witch Rooms® have through their own research and development department, developed systems over the years that not only conform to building standards but also produce space in a clean, swift and easy way!
Witch Rooms® have achieved high standards and won many prestigious awards.
Lifestyle enhancement and satisfaction is achieved by providing:
– Quick and Easy Building
– Cleaner no mess construction
– Lightweight materials
– Safe – 1 hour fire rating
– Better finishes
– Super insulated walls and ceilings
– Low transport costs
– Low maintenance
– Eco-friendly

All Witch Rooms ® structures are covered by a 12 month workmanship guarantee and a 5 year structural guarantee.