Building a Home or adding a loft room or double storey has never been easier.

Advantages of Timber Frame Construction:

  • A timber home is well insulated against the elements. Far less energy is required to heat and cool the home, resulting in a significant saving on electricity.
  • Timber provides a safe, tranquil and healthy living environment as it does not conduct electricity and has no magnetic properties.Timber can resist temperatures of up to 2000 °C. Brick & Mortar and Steel materials would be at risk. The design of the wall and floor panels will reduce the rate of a potential fire and limit damage that could be incurred.
  • Erection time is far shorter than other building methods, as there is no waiting for materials to dry
  • Excellent for Clay areas, save on foundation costs.
  • Your home can be clad externally with a wide variety of materials, including: timber board moulded in traditional shiplap, half log or other wooden styles; fibre cement weather boards, as well as brick and stone veneers.
  • Internal finishes range from the natural cottage look to more modern and luxurious finishes. Exotic and traditional woods such as Oregon Pine, Oak, Saligna and Meranti can be chosen for flooring, architraves, cornices.
  • There is no need to underpin and strengthen the existing foundations for a Loft Room or Double Storey, as timber is lighter than conventional building systems.
  • Timber Frame construction makes use of sustainable materials, resulting in a low carbon footprint and is eco-friendly.
  • There is no cement, sand, etc. which means that it is not only faster, but also cleaner, Goodbye to inconvenience, disruption and damage to your home and garden.
  • All structures are signed off by a structural engineer and Witch Rooms offers a 5 year structural guarantee


Interesting information: A Timber wall panels weighs about 35kg/m^2 to 45kg/m^2, compared to a single brick wall of 140mm thick clay brick wall weighs about 280kg/m^2.