Advantages of Light Steel Frame Construction:

  • Light Steel Frame construction is a high quality structure with less wastage – quicker and cleaner
  • Frames are manufactured to exact building specifications, and offers a bigger internal space than brick & mortar
  • Erection time is far shorter than other building methods, as frames are pre-manufactured light and quick to install
  • Designs can be customised to clients requirements and architectural style
  • Steel is 100% recyclable, reducing carbon footprint by up to 80%
  • Witch Rooms® use high R value materials for thermal efficiency
  • It’s non-combustible and resists mould, mildew, termites and other boring insects
  • Cleaner building site with less rubble to remove from site and damage to garden/site
  • All structures are signed off by a structural engineer and Witch Rooms offers a 5 year structural guarantee


Interesting information: A Light Steel Frame wall panels weighs about 30kg/m^2 to 40kg/m^2, compared to a single brick wall of 140mm thick clay brick wall weighs about 280kg/m^2.