Snowy Owl Lodge

Location: Burgersfort
Date: Built in 2003
Witch Rooms built 6 cottages against the mountain, working around what nature gave us, under extremely difficult circumstances, over a 3 month period.

Greystone Lodge

Location: Dullstroom
A triple storey hotel was constructed and 6 Timber Frame cottages, during a 5 month period.

Buhala Lodge

Location: Hectorspruit
Date: Built in 1993
Witch Rooms built Timber Frame lofts with bathrooms, above their existing building. The works included a complete thatch re-roof (Approx. 400sqm) and building work to alter the configuration of the Lodge.

Blue Bay

Location: Vaal
Date: Built in 2009
Witch Rooms built 5 houses in a development. A combination of Timber Frame and conventional brick and mortar units, this took 6 months to complete.

Marula Mining Village

Location: Marula Mine
Impala Plats, required a managers village in the hills at the Marula Mine, difficult terrain and access to the site. Cottages, a restaurant, a Church and other buildings were erected, over a 5 month period.