Company Profile

Witch Rooms® is an innovative company specialising in home and lifestyle enhancement. Witch Rooms® have been involved in the design, procurement, project management and development of space based on light weight composite, high quality eco-friendly, green and sustainable materials and have promoted same long before it became “fashionable” to do so.

Witch Rooms® designs include homes, offices, cottages, storage areas, classrooms and schools. Witch Rooms® started in 1973 (43 years ago) seeing to the need for space as families were growing and moving in together, moving businesses to homes etc. etc. and were looking for an easy, quick, mess free way of adding on. Extending living space included utilising wasted roof space in existing dwellings e.g.: Loft Rooms, Attic Rooms and eventually Vertical Extensions thus creating Double Storeys and Penthouses above existing homes.

In difficult, adverse soil conditions and mountainous terrain Witch Rooms® designed and developed systems to build in these areas. Mining villages, hotels and lodges were built by competent Witch Rooms® accredited builders under the Witch Rooms® flag and its supervision.
Witch Rooms® products are well known in Johannesburg and Cape Town areas and are represented by Accredited Builders trained by Witch Rooms® using tomorrow’s technology today!

Although Witch Rooms ® specialises in Timber, Steel and Composite construction, we are also able to cater to clients who wish to make use of more conventional building systems, such as brick and mortar.

All projects undertaken by Witch Rooms® will be monitored and receive input from our appointed engineers, to ensure that these structures serve the purpose they have been designed for. Witch Rooms® is known for its innovative approach to projects at both design and construction stages.
Products used are aimed at being eco-friendly, sustainable with the objective of leaving behind a low carbon footprint. As Witch Rooms® is not a building company; contact us for an accredited builder!